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Before and After: Office Chair Rehab

Craftster member Dink recently took this dingy (in her words, "skanky") office chair from trashy to fantastic with a simple reupholstery project. Here's how it looked beforehand. Dink explains that the missing fabric is due to her "habit of sitting with both my feet up on the office chair, cross-legged in a not-quite-lotus position. This is comfortable for me, but disastrous for the chair."

To see the results, read more.

She says, "Unscrewing the seat was easy. Stapling the fabric to the underside of the seat was easy. Removing the back was not easy. I spent a long time searching on the Internet for instructions on how to get the back off without breaking the chair. All I could find were pictures of reupholstered chairs, and helpful comments like 'take the back off' with no details on how to actually do it. So, for anyone considering reupholstering an office chair, I offer the following advice: to dismantle the back you have to jam a long screwdriver down in between the padded fabric part and the plastic part, then prise the plastic part off with all your strength. After a few seconds, the back will surprise you with a couple of loud 'pop's, and magically it will be in two separate pieces."

Oh, and if you're wondering where the cool fabric came from, Dink says to check an Ikea store.




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