Before and After: A Dull Bath Blossoms

When faced with a dull and drab half bathroom, it's easy to ignore it, since the work to transform the space often seems daunting. However, crafty lady Singalala took her dull and drab bathroom from an eyesore to a standout in one weekend! She writes, "I have been living in my rental house for two and a half years now. I live in the Netherlands and for small, rental houses it is customary to have only one toilet, in the hallway. The shower or bath is usually separate. My toilet is under my staircase and is very, very small. Besides this, my toilet was old, the grout of the floor was loose and it had a big hole where the ventilation pipe was. The lightbulb was attached to the wall with a weird construction. The tap was full of limescale and was missing most of its chrome. The pipe for the water was exposed and painted in a bad shade of beige. The summary: not very pretty."

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Using stencils and a bright shade of paint, Singalala completely transformed this bathroom into something beautiful. She raves, "I love my toilet now! It turned out much better than I imagined, and on a budget. I only paid for the accessories, tap, mural transfers and the metal paint. The rest was free or were leftovers from other projects around the house. And it only took me a weekend! My boyfriend was on holiday and was very pleasantly surprised when he returned."

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