Before and After: A Bathroom Makeover For Under $80

Craftster member Nichola accomplished the admirable feat of making over her bathroom for under $80. Cheap, chic makeovers are always inspiring, and Nichola's bathroom definitely fits the bill. Before Nichola's bathroom got to this "before" status you see here, she spent three nights removing ugly, decrepit wallpaper that may have been original to the house. With this somewhat blank palette, Nichola went to work.

She notes, "Now, I really admire people who can use color, people who can grab a can of bright red paint and slap it on the wall, but I am not one of those people. I shamefully admit that I am one of those who grab a can of white, or off white and go to town."

Even if Nichola is shy of bright colors, she still pulled off an amazing makeover in more neutral colors. To see how it looks, read more.

Nichola hung a new mirror, added some furniture and accents (including that cool basket of dowel rods), painted, sewed and hung curtains, and crafted a silhouette portrait. She says, "In addition to being frightful of color I'm also cheap as can be and on a budget. Here's a rundown of my costs: $15, white eco friendly paint for the walls; $17, white floor paint; $35.99 mirror; $3.94, 2 metres fabric for curtains; $2, supplies for silhouette picture. Everything else was stuff from my stash (frames, vase, cotton to line curtains)."

The black and white palette looks very sophisticated, and all of the little touches are perfectly pulled off. Nichola notes that she's not quite done with all of the changes (how many of us home reno-ers ever are?), but that she's quite pleased with the results. As she should be! This bathroom looks fabulous!