12 Bedroom Makeover Ideas Straight From Instagram

May 16 2014 - 3:03am

No need to think big when it comes to making over your home. Instead, we love the idea of small changes for an instant upgrade [1]. The room that probably needs the most love (aside from your closet [2])? Your bedroom! This time around, we looked to rooms on Instagram for inspiration, and boy, are there are some great tips. Check out the best ideas, and don't forget to share your own bedroom makeovers with the tag #SpringStyling [3] on Instagram and Twitter!

Source: Instagram [4]

Who says gallery walls are just for living rooms? Arranging one beside your bed above the nightstand is an unexpected but fun idea.

Source: Instagram user treschicrose [5]

There's so much to love about this room, but we can't help but notice how this instagrammer decorates her walls with something other than framed art [6].

Source: Instagram user houseno31 [7]

Sometimes makeovers come in the form of easy, small changes [8] . . . like a new art print and fresh flowers.

Source: Instagram user nikillae [9]

Or a new coat of paint [10] (in Pantone [11]'s 2014 color of the year, at that!).

Source: Instagram user kelli_clifton [12]

Organizing your jewelry in chic, unexpected ways does wonders — trust us, we've tried it [13].

Source: Instagram user melissadoak [14]

Take your pick, because there are plenty of tips to pick up from this instagrammer: polka-dot wallpaper, a floating nightstand shelf on one side and a desk on the other, bright-striped curtains, and a pendant lamp. Even with so much going on, it all manages to feel cohesive.

Source: Instagram user realityandretrospect [15]

Tip number seven: swap in a sweet headboard that complements your wallpaper — or vice versa.

Source: Instagram user ozgeugr [16]

It's time for Spring cleaning, after all! Organizing shoes and clothes by color or style is a great way to revamp your space.

Source: Instagram user paulinegraute [17]

An eye-catching lamp on the side table is an easy way to add some personality to your room.

Source: Instagram user somethinggorgeous [18]

Art canvases above the bed is such a great idea — just like all the other headboard alternatives [19] you should try out.

Source: Instagram user llevantazul [20]

Need to make a small space feel bigger? Decorating with mirrors [21] almost always does the trick.

Source: Instagram user angelamoffitt [22]

Take a cue from this instagrammer and toss bright new pillows or add patterned drapes for an instant switch-up [23].

Source: Instagram user hilaryrosewalker [24]

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