Beach House Decorating Ideas

10 Ideas For a Hip, Cliché-Free Beach House

Invest in some original abstract beach landscape artwork like this Long Beach painting by Sally King Benedict.

The beauty of having a beach house is that you're not expected to decorate it to the nines, as you would your primary home. You and your guests will be spending most of your time by the water, so as long as you have clean sheets and towels and plenty of sleeping room, you're in the clear. That said, if you decide to spend time, effort, and cash decorating your vacation home, please, please, please don't choose commonplace anchor motifs and a red, white, and blue palette. You can still have a fun, casual, and comfortable beach house without resorting to the look that all of your neighbors likely share. Check out this slideshow for some ideas on designing a hip, cliché-free beach house!