Barn Wedding Decorating Ideas 2011-06-03 13:00:30

Get the Look: A Glamorous Barn Wedding

Wooden bentwood chairs are a classic design with a graceful, elegant shape that transitions easily into a barn.

Forget the cowboy boots, chambray tablecloths, and bandanna dinner napkins. If you're thinking of having a barn wedding, it doesn't have to be quintessential country style. There's no reason you can't go glam under that pitched roof — just make sure you send the livestock on vacation. I discovered this beautiful wedding planned by Daughter of Design and shot by the talented Trent Bailey, and it's inspiring me in all kinds of ways to reimagine the staid, think of the unthinkable (a glamorous barn!?), and bring a bit of luxury into a pastoral place. Come along and learn how to get the look on your big day.