Austin's Bouldin Castle Has Royal Texas Flair

House Tour: Austin's Bouldin Castle

Do you fancy yourself a princess? Do you have a hankering for clover-shaped designs? If you are affirmative on either of those, you may very well like this little piece of heaven deep in the heart of Texas. Originally constructed in 1925 as the San José Catholic Church in Austin, the mission style home was renovated in 2008 by Urban Nature and put on the market to many shoppers' delight.

While many homes certainly have a spirit about them, this one has a name to go with it. Titled the Bouldin Castle, it boasts arched doorways, stacked limestone, magical chandeliers, royal grounds, and a refreshing lap pool. Adding to the stately yet gothic ambiance are ebony floors that contrast dreamily against the alabaster walls. It hardly seems necessary to bring much interior design to these digs as the bones are so dramatically pleasing on their own. I, however, would definitely be up for the task! Unfortunately, it's no longer for sale (someone got lucky!) but we can still peruse the lovely gem and dream of living there happily ever after.

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