Assisted Living: Decorating PartySugar's New Digs

Assisted Living: Decorating PartySugar's New Digs

PartySugar asked the Assisted Living group for help decorating her new place:

Hey readers! I just moved and need to start decorating my new place. I have tons of white walls and am open to affordable and creative ideas. The bad news is, I can't paint because I don't own the place. I took a bunch of photos of the space now. It's a studio. I'm going with brown as a base color and pink, turqioise, and green as accents. I've also included photos of my inspiration board. Think Moroccan-inspired prints, leopard, and lots of textures. How should I decorate?

With her inspiration board and limited budget in mind, I've rounded up a few products that might help PartySugar achieve the look she's going for. I also have a few suggestions for her to keep in mind while she's shopping. Want to see my thoughts and offer your own?

Yay for an inspiration board! I wish more people created these. It really helps to pinpoint your aesthetic and palette/pattern preferences.

For the base of the room, I found the Jewelynn Scribble Rug, which will bring in both a Moroccan-inspired lattice print, as well as a green to instantly brighten things up.

Then, I picked out an affordable chair from Target to bring in a big dose of turquoise, but I'd suggest buying any chair you fall in love with and having it upholstered in turquoise. I would continue that color throughout the room with a turquoise table lamp on one side of the sofa, and a growing collection of turquoise glass vases on a glass console table on the wall where the door is.

Set a floor lamp on the other side of the table to give it some height, and a metal side table to bring in another finish and give you another table surface.

Leopard print is good in small doses — an overload of the animal pattern like Ivana Trump's leopard room is inherently tacky. So I'd go with a pair of leopard print throw pillows on the sofa à la Eddie Ross's Big Window Display.

Bring in your dose of pink with a throw blanket or pashmina laid across the sofa, and a hot pink coat rack beside your console table. You can add more pink if you want with books, bowls, and other little accessories that jump at you, but try to keep them all small. With the green, turquoise, and leopard, there's already a lot going on.

Since you can't paint, I thought wall decals might be a fun touch, and another way to bring in color. I found some trompe-l'œil headboard and chair decals (available in a range of colors), which will give your small studio the look of furniture, even if you don't have the space or dollars to own the real thing.

Your windows definitely need a treatment to polish off the room. To give your room some texture, and a bit of an antiquey look, I suggest nailhead linen panels.

Here are PartySugar's photos of her new home:

The colors of my bedspread, which I want to incorporate into the apartment's decor.

Have some decorating dilemmas of your own? Be sure to post your questions and photos in the Assisted Living group.