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Artist of the Day: Karen Ondracek

Artist Karen Ondracek makes deceptively simple images out of difficult-to-manipulate scraps of paper, photographs, and ephemera. Her fanciful, creature-filled collages often feature animals speaking nonsense out of comic-style dialogue balloons. And now, for full disclosure, I'll also say that Karen is a good friend of mine. I've known her since she was 12, and now she lives across the street from me, where she and her boyfriend throw elaborate parties and host craft days. Even if I wasn't friends with Ms. Ondracek, though, I'd still definitely recommend her art.

To see a gallery of Karen's collages, as well as read my interview with her, just read more

CasaSugar: What is your background, artistically?
Karen: I've always liked to make all kinds of art projects. I also studied Textiles at Rhode Island School of Design, where I received my BFA.

CasaSugar: What attracted you to collage?
Karen: My penchant for ephemera and other flat things I can take a pair of scissors to.

CasaSugar: What influences your art?
Karen: Accidental discoveries and nature.

CasaSugar: Who else out there is making art that you admire?
Karen: I have a new artist/designer/craftsperson crush every day. Sometimes I have more than one per day. The true answer to your question would make my fingers very strong from so much typing!!

CasaSugar: What do you do with your time when you're not making art?
Karen: I work as a textile designer, bake pies, have parties, play board games, give bones to Ozzie, go to flea markets...

You can buy Karen's collages at her Etsy shop.





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