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Artist of the Day: Ashley Goldberg

Ashley Goldberg, 26, was born and raised and currently resides in a building somewhere in St. Louis, Missouri, but she always wanted to live outside. She draws and paints portraits of wildlife creatures, monsters, and little girls with acrylic, ink, pencil, and vintage paper on canvas, which are subjects she has loved her whole life. Ashley's love of arts and crafts was solidified as a child when she endlessly drew and embroidered little creatures and animals onto washcloths that her grandmother had given her.

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As a kid, she desperately wanted to live in the woods of her backyard with these creatures who, in her mind, had tiny, magnificent, ornate lairs in trunks of old trees. Nowadays, she says that her creatures have become decidedly more design-driven, and a part of her is still just drawing little friends to have. While her themes and subjects may seem child-like, and her artwork tends to be simple, it is also surprisingly sophisticated, with a very distinct, seasoned color palette. She said, "I strongly believe in what you're happiest doing at five is what you will be happiest doing your entire life." I'm not sure whether that's true for all people, or even all artists, but it certainly seems so for her. Ashley's artwork is available for purchase on her Etsy site, at The Shiny Squirrel, and at Velocity Art and Design. To see more of her artwork, click the images below.











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