Artist of the Day: Amanda Stone Talley

Earlier this week, New Orleans-based artist Amanda Stone Talley was kind enough to give us a tour of her glamorous carriage house in NOLA's Garden District. You may have spotted some of her work in the tour, but I wanted to dedicate a whole post to her artwork because, well, it's amazing.

Amanda grew up in Baton Rouge, LA, studied studio painting during undergrad at Mary Baldwin College, and then received her MFA in Painting from Savannah College of Art and Design. She's called New Orleans home for the last 10 years, eight of which she worked with interior designer Gerrie Bremermann. Her work has been scooped up by several clients of Bremermann's; the synergy between Talley's work and Bremermann's sophisticated French antique aesthetic is truly powerful.

Hear more about her work and see a few of my favorite pieces when you read more.

As you can see, Amanda's style is contemporary and abstract. She seems to find inspiration everywhere she goes, from the perfect palettes of local architecture to the work of fellow artists to the hot pink hue of a pool raft used on a Summer getaway. A city as lively and colorful as New Orleans can be hard to capture, but the movement and color of her energetic paintings translate the city's vibrancy — and her own bubbly personality — to a "t." In this video of Amanda doing underpainting, you'll see how intuitive and organic her lines and forms are; there's nothing forced, and it's all very in the moment. Her color choices are each more brilliant than the next, too. From far away, it seems maybe she's used only a pair of colors, but up close you see layers upon layers of color, which really gives her paintings depth. I'll have to get my hands on one the next time I make a trip to New Orleans!