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House Tour: Andy's Alameda Island Imaginarium

House Tour: Andy's Alameda Island Imaginarium

Three years ago, I featured artist, teacher, and dedicated collector Andy Phares's uniquely cool home. Today, I'm back with an update on his decorating finds. Andy, who teaches art to children at a private art and music school, also works part-time at a local auction house — where he often finds unique pieces for his home.

Andy holds a BFA & MFA in jewelry and metalworking from The California College of Arts and Crafts. He told me, "I like to incorporate found objects into my artwork, which is part of the draw for me to flea markets and auctions. I have shown my art all over the world; it's been in auctions at Sotheby's in Tel Aviv, Chicago, and Vienna. A number of pieces have been purchased by the Oakland art museum for its collection and I have been featured in a couple books — the latest came out this last October, Hoopla: The Art of Unexpected Embroidery, by Leanne Prain."

Check out Andy's unique home when you click through the slideshow, and for even more of Andy's wild finds, check out additional photos on Offbeat Home.