Anthropologie Summer Window Displays

Anthropologie's Naturally Blooming Window Displays

Anthropologie's Naturally Blooming Window Displays

Blueberries, blackberries, beets and turmeric aren't just ingredients for a Summer meal — they're also the basis for the beautiful designs behind Anthropologie's Summer windows. Inspired by Sasha Duerr's Permacouture Institute, these crafted gardens not only look beautiful, but their pretty tinted petals and stems also are naturally dyed with fruits, vegetables, and spices.

As the founder and codirector of the Permacouture Institute, Sasha is an expert on regenerative design in fashion and textiles. When we asked her about the Anthropologie collaboration, she told us, "The project was a collaboration with [Anthropologie's] window display team . . . They fell in love with natural dyes as a medium to experiment with and came across the New York Times article we were featured in and became more intrigued with the larger, growing movement of growing your own color — as well as the social and ecological benefits."

Check out the amazing variation of natural dye colors when you explore the window displays at Anthropologie stores across the country.

All photos courtesy Anthropologie