Amanda Holstein's San Francisco Apartment

This Stylish Apartment Is Filled With Dos and DIYS

This Stylish Apartment Is Filled With Dos and DIYS

If you think city living can only be small and cramped, get ready to see a space that feels anything but! The Everygirl took a peek inside Amanda Holstein's San Francisco apartment and found out how she manages to think big in a tiny space — without breaking the bank.

As a girl who admits to saving dollars everywhere she can, Amanda Holstein's home sure doesn't show it. This 25-year-old media manager, and blogger behind Advice from a Twenty Something, finally found an apartment of her own in the Russian Hill neighborhood of the San Francisco Bay Area. Working for Federated Media, a company that helps bloggers earn revenue, she's got the job any blog reader would be jealous of. With that experience, and a burning desire to blog herself, Amanda has created a successful, modern-day advice column for the young woman looking for a relatable voice. Though she's fully aware she doesn't have all of the answers, her variety of content and mix of quick tips is hard to ignore.

Her vintage unit is filled with a cohesive mix of earthy colors and rustic pieces and just enough of a beachy California-girl touch. Complete with Ikea hacks and self-made art, Amanda's place is the quintessential 20-something apartment with an elevated level of mature sophistication. Today, she's kind enough to share with readers the chic space she calls home.

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Source: Edyta Szyszlo for The Everygirl