Alexander McQueen Rug and Pillow Collection For the Rug Company

Nice and New: Alexander McQueen For The Rug Company

Before he passed away in February, Alexander McQueen created a luxurious six-piece collection of rugs and pillows for The Rug Company, and now, three years in the making, the line is finally available.
McQueen's trademark skull pattern made its way onto one baby blue and white rug, as well as two pillows, in black and gold, while his recognizable hummingbird, feather, and military broçade themes make up the rest of the line. Finely knotted, the hummingbird rug is an almost photographic reproduction of McQueen's sartorial design, though these pieces will cost you more. A six-by-nine rug goes for about $19,000, while a scarf will cost you only $260. As for accessorizing and creating your ensemble, I think the same rules apply: layer one of McQueen's rugs or pillows over simple separates or go bold and mix them with prints.