Affordable Green Homes in San Francisco Bay Area

House Tour: A Vibrant New Life For a Neglected Foreclosure Home

Affordable Green Homes in San Francisco Bay Area

A 1920s-era home in Oakland, CA's Maxwell Park neighborhood had fallen into disrepair and then been foreclosed upon. Since the prior owners had completed some below-code additions, including a sun porch and a third bedroom, most buyers were scared away by the mountain of paperwork involved in buying the home. While the home had potential, it languished in foreclosure, with no buyers willing to give it the work it needed. That is, until Mila Zelkha, the fearless founder of Mint Condition Homes, an Oakland-based urban redevelopment firm, came to the home's rescue. Realizing its potential, she and her team completed major renovation work, including energy-efficient, historical, and green upgrades. The result is a stunning — and affordable — home that has realized its potential after too many years of neglect. Take the tour of this lovely home and check out my interview with Mila!

Photographs courtesy of Amy Perl