Abstract Wallpaper and Pillows by Eskayel

5 Faves From Eskayel's New Era Collection

The graphic off-white hourglass shapes and deep blue background in the Dynasty Slate Wallpaper ($5-$490) set a sultry mood.

Brooklyn, NY-based design studio Eskayel, which I first discovered in an apartment by SF-based designer Kimberly Ayres, creates ethereal, abstract, Rorschach-style patterns for wallpaper, fabrics, pillows, and ceramics. The brand's new Era Collection, inspired by Italy, has just hit the information superhighway with 12 new designs, and I'm having trouble deciding which fantastic repeat I love the most. From the pillow with a touch of hot pink to the wallpaper that oozes moody, midnight blue, I'm aching for it all. Check out five of my faves from the new line!