Abigail Ahern Interview

Abigail Ahern Shares Decorating Advice, Circus Designs, and the Value of Sludgy Colors

CS: Your book, A Girl’s Guide to Decorating, features fabulous photos and advocated a philosophy of decorating gorgeously, even while on a limited budget. What’s one of your favorite decorating tips from the book?
AA: My favorite decorating tip is to be confident with color. It’s the most transformative, mood-altering thing you can do to any interior. From bold, blingy, and decorative to a beige haze of graciousness, color shapes, highlights, adds depth, lends excitement, and so forth. I could go on and on!

I've been an admirer of British stylist and designer Abigail Ahern's bold, joyful work for some time now. Her brilliant application of color, playful use of scale, and fantastic product designs have wowed me in her home and that of clients. Her designs are a welcome breath of fresh air in the sometimes overly serious world of interior design; Abigail's designs are beautiful, but they are also imbued with an undeniable sense of whimsy and fun. Abigail is premiering a lighting collection in the US in March at the soon-to-open New York City branch of Maison 24, and I can't wait to see her designs up close and personal. Abigail recently sat down to answer some of my questions about her work. See what inspires her, the advice she has for home decorators, and what famous person's home she'd love to redecorate!